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El Gaucho | Hai Ba Trung

Cheer For Every Occasion With Steak And Wine
Whatever the occasion, a great meal is never complete without the perfect drink. In El Gaucho, we make sure you have the right drink in your hand through the skills of our bar manager, Jay Ha.
Jay has been pouring drinks for El Gaucho since he was 18. Starting out as a simple bartender, he only wanted to improve his English and learn a new skill. Through the years, his passion for making drinks grew alongside his role in El Gaucho.
“It was the best decision of my life,” Jay says, as he recalls his early memories from working in El Gaucho’s first branch in Thailand and moving up to a new position as a bar manager in Vietnam.
If you don’t know what to pair with your meal, you can trust Jay to craft unique drink ideas to suit the customer's palate every day.
Contact Us:
- Menu: https://vn.elgaucho.asia/menus/
- Reservation: https://vn.elgaucho.asia/book-now/
- El Delivery: https://vn.elgaucho.asia/delivery/
 Follow us on Instagram @elgauchovietnam
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